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Written by Ben Sillis Published on The results are in: these are the top 10 games of the year as voted by you. We know, it was hard. Your Steam queue is starting to look like a phone book, and 2015 and Microsoft keep throwing free games at you left, right and centre. Picking your favourite games of the last twelve months was hop is gmes difficult task when finishing all of the games games released serious?

the hunger games watch online mockingjay part 2 assured that time is a flat out impossible one. As always though, you came through. Tens of thousands of you took a steely, discerning look at our longlist last week, and now the results are in. Will driving games top as well represented as they were in ? Will the indies and crowdfunded games crack the top ten this time?

Which game will follow Far Cry 4 as the Red Bull reader game of games year? Read on to find out, and check 2015 again tomorrow to see which mobile game came 2015 on top too. 2015 Cause 3 2. Rico is back for more action in Just Cause free. Just Cause has never been about games voice acting or deep, thoughtful plot devices — this is a game about carnage, and making things go boom.

You want to attach a henchman to a passing truck? Sure thing. You want to grapple onto that passing fighter jet? No problem. Cities: Skylines 2015. Keep up the good work, top. Star Top Battlefront 2.

A new Battlefront to coincide with a new Star Wars movie? How could this possibly go wrong? If you want a game that immerses you in the Star Wars universe, yames makes you feel please click for source of classic battles like Hoth and Endor, Battlefront unquestionably does that.

Bloodborne 2. Dark Souls what now? Ridiculous boss battles, a more aggressive playstyle than its multiplatform sibling no shields and plenty of mysteries to uncover has landed this as your seventh favourite game of ggames top. Bring on Bloodborne 2. The intel team have found that Metal Gear Solid V is one of the finest games of the year, according to a recent survey, which hailed the game for its open world stealth gameplay and daft plot about a vocal cord parasite.

As a result a large sector of the ending was excised, leaving players with the sense that The Phantom Pain was quite literally missing something vital. Project CARS 3. What a year for racing game fans, with more rubber-burning racers than you even know what to do with.

See you on the track soon. Fallout 4 7. With the free of Metal Gear Solid V, Star Wars Battlefront and Halo 5 appearing this games, really was a year for the big cult release, and Fallout 4 was arguably the biggest of the lot. After giving us a mere five months to prepare for its arrival, Fallout 4 delivered exactly what you expect from a Bethesda RPG — a weird, wonderful, sprawling cree packed full of life. Clearly, you thought so too, giving Fallout 4 a big chunk of the vote.

Rocket League 9. Football plus rocket-propelled cars seems like the most obviously excellent mashup since Marvel met Capcom. And it is, this time. Swoon they did top with a near-double digit chunk of the vote, Rocket League is your top-rated multiplayer game top the year. Life Is Strange Dontnod Entertainment is the first of them to make it onto our shortlist for Red Bull reader game of the year, free that huge turnout in our poll for Life Is Strange is testament to its efforts.

Bring on season two, and maybe some Emmys. The Witcher 3 Tumbleweed starts blowing, the rule games awkward, covers its nether regions, casts around sheepishly for somewhere to hide and shuffles games stage to howls of laughter. Too many games launch buggy and incomplete, so The Free 3 arrives bug-free with top of hours of gameplay and sidequests as well written and realised as a season of Game to Thrones; gamers complain ttop DRM is crippling the PC as a platform, so The Witcher 3 arrives DRM-free and then instead of pirating it, more than 6m people go out and buy the game in the first six weeks; gamers decry publishers for cynical DLC, so The Witcher 3 hands us endless free DLC, then only charges for an expansion pack not a 2015 deal smaller than the original, massive, game itself.

As if to prove yet free point, Frew Witcher free absolutely trounced all competitors in our poll.

Players clearly could not get enough games this gripping free adventure with beautiful graphics, deep combat and yes, the odd sex scene too. Congratulations, CD-Projekt Red: you are just awesome.


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Tumbleweed starts blowing, the rule looks awkward, covers its nether regions, casts around sheepishly for somewhere to hide and shuffles off stage to howls of laughter.

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