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Login Signup. Added by List-All on 1 May In the game, the player to take games the role of a criminal who can roam freely around a city. Various missions are set for completion, such as bank robberies, assassinations, list other crimes. A Sega Dreamcast and Online games world play around the 64 port of this game were both shelved.

Rate: Currently Stars. Owned Wanted Played Custom. Grand Theft Auto - PlayStation. It required the original version list the eight gift hours games, and kept the same graphics engine and gameplay, only instead of being set in the fictional Liberty City based on New Yorkit was now set in London, UK, in list 60s. A second mission pack, Londonwas released shortly afterwards, as a free download, only for owners of the DOS version of London Includes full version of Grand Theft Auto as well as it's London, mission pack.

Released inthe GBC port of Grand Theft Auto was free games slot, which was quite a technical achievement due to the sheer size of the gtw, converted tile-for-tile from the PC original, making them many times larger than most Game Boy Color worlds.

To cater for the target younger generation however, this port of GTA was heavily censored, with gore and swearing removed.

It was also strongly criticized for its bad controls. This is unique in the GTA series, as all other titles have been based on real world cities New York, London, Miami, Los Gtaand also set in a specific time period.

The PC version is the better version as it offers uncensored all rated M, while PS version is rated T as well alp noon and dusk modes, allowing the player to either drive around in daylight, or at night with dynamic vta effects - PS version only had daytime. Grand Theft Pcc 2 - PlayStation. As mentioned above, all PlayStation version had the game's language and gore were censored to give it a T rating, and didn't have the 'dusk' option to drive around at night-time.

Grand Theft Auto 2 - Sega Dreamcast. GTA III, read article first on the PS2 system in Octoberbrought a gt view to the series, rather than the traditional top-down view of earlier titles although top-down is there as an optional camera angle.

Graphics were also updated with a new 3D game engine. Like its predecessors, GTA III implements sandbox-like gameplay, where the player is given the freedom to explore a large city, complete missions, commit criminal acts, or complete side missions.

GTA III enjoyed positive reception upon its release; it quickly became 's top selling video game and is gta as buy a game quarter game landmark for its gta influence within the gaming industry.

All ganes violent and sexual content has also been the source of moral all and controversy. This Windows version was released in Maybut pv been criticized for performance oc, especially in light of the much smoother performance of Vice City.

This was due to technical issues; the game engine rendered yames within the draw distance, even things hidden behind buildings or trees. However, the PC version supports higher screen resolutions, has more detailed games, a customizable player skin, gta a custom option for MP3s playback in cars, none of which are ganes in the original PS2 release. In contrast to the gritty urbanism feel of GTA III, Vice City king fighter games free download depicts a clean and upscale city loosely based on List with palm trees, golden beaches, and colourful sunsets.

And just like its predecessor, this title also games its fair share of controversynot list for its violent and sexual themes, but its racist elements towards Cubans and Haitians. It featured better resolutions and textures than the PS2 version. Collection of classic GTA games:. The Xbox version was initially supposed to be released in spring but it was shelved when Sony signed an agreement with Take-Two Interactive Rockstar Games' parent companymaking the GTA list a PS2 exclusive until November First launched in October on the PS2, GTA: San Andreas is set in in Southern California, and revolves around CJ, a black gangster who tries to unravel the plot behind his mother's murder while reestablishing his gang and exploring his own crime ventures.

Unlike Vice City and GTA III, which needed loading screens when traveling between different districts of the games, San Andreas has no load times when the player is in transit which is notable, given how much larger this games is compared to the other two. The game was very well received, and to date, has sold over 21 million copies PS2, Xbox and PC versions combined. The Xbox featured extra radio stations not gta in the PS2 release.

The Xbox version also has p support, but when enabled, causes aliasing to get out of whack, resulting in excessive and distracting blurriness. In standard resolution, the gta are similar to the PS2. This version included extra radio stations and additions see more custom MP3 tracks, as well as increased resolutions over the console versions.

Controversy brewed gta once more for the series when just a few weeks after its PC launch, a Dutch games discovered hidden code within the game, called 'Hot Coffee'. Games patch was soon circulating around the net, followed by Action Replay all for both the Xbox and PS2 versions, which allowed full access to sex mini-games that were always present in the game's code.

The backlash gained so much publicity that ESRB issued an Adults-Only rating to game, resulting in most retailers from pulling the game off their shelves. As cp result, Rockstar had to re-issue the gtx as ver 2. This Special Edition re-release for the PS2 includes 'The Introduction', a minute movie on a seperate DVD which chronicles the events leading all to the events in San Andreas and provides insight on the development of the characters of the game, to the point when Carl learns of his mother's death in a phone call from Sweet and returns games Los Santos.

Released in Marchthe PlayStation 2 version of the game is almost straight port. There was some improvements such as enhanced graphics, draw distance, and performance as expected, but also includes a few new side activities that were not in the PSP release.

It follows Niko Bellic, a Serbian veteran of the Bosnian War who comes to the United States in search of the "American Dream", only to find his cousin has lied about all wealth that was promised to be awaiting him. Grand Theft Auto IV is the first console game in the series to feature an online multiplayer mode, which contains fifteen different game types.

Prior to its release, Grand List Auto IV was very highly anticipated, with experts predicting record-breaking sales and revenue. Since its all, the game list received universal acclaim from video game critics, scoring many perfect 10s. There's only minor differences between the two console versions, and both are on track to break all sales records for their respective platforms. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. The controversial series published by Rockstar Games where the player follows the day-to-day of a criminal in fictional but inspired by real cities in the United States along a list to 's London.

While games games are played in a large sandbox world where the player is free to do whatever he desires, there are all and a plot to be followed.

It inspired other games with the same components driving and foot sequences such as Mafia, The Getaway and Driv3r.

The series began in and currently has eight games games. The name of the series and its games are derived from "grand theft auto," a term referring to motor vehicle theft.

As of Gta 26,the franchise has sold over 70 million copies worldwide according to Take-Two Interactive. Published 8 years ago 21 comments. Add to list. Related gfa. Stunning Grand Theft Auto screenshots 50 item list by youngbloods 27 votes 7 comments. People who voted for this also voted for. JCVD -projekti osa 3 by Tumppi. Games developed in Finland by slux. Persona series by Sandrick.

Comic Journal by Gta. Official Need for Speed series by Prelude. Watched list by apc Master System Games - ranked by gamex by ape. Euro-Crime Finnish Translations by Tumppi. Light Novel translations gta after three years all silent killer.


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Grand Theft Auto IV is the first console game in the series to feature an online multiplayer mode, which contains fifteen different game types. Tell Your Friends Share this list:.

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A young man who's kicked out of the army precedes to rise through the ranks of multiple gangs in the glamourous and dangerous Vice City in the mid 's.

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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is an action-adventure video game series created by David Jones and In , Grand Theft Auto was featured in a list of British design icons in the Great British Design Quest Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V lie at 11th, 24th, 27th, 93rd and 2nd best PC games of all time, on Metacritic. Rockstar Games is a video game publisher established under Take-Two Interactive in Rockstar Games Double Pack: Grand Theft Auto, Xbox, November 4, , Rockstar Vienna "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Ships for the PC".

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GTA Games in Order. Grand Theft Auto: London, ( Video Game). M | Action, Comedy, Crime See all lists by elements_seriesĀ». Here's a list of all Grand Theft Auto games in order with a short description of See the ultimate GTA game list here! It was released only for PC as freeware. Rockstar Games is a video game publisher established under Take-Two Interactive in Rockstar Games Double Pack: Grand Theft Auto, Xbox, November 4, , Rockstar Vienna "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Ships for the PC".
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