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People, we're in the golden age of sitting on the toilet. Never has there been as much entertainment available to us at our greasy fingertips than there is today, whether spending some quality time in the bathroom, really free to play games, sitting on a cramped train with commuters' knees drilling through yours, or just trying to fall asleep at night without using pills really gin.

And the most exciting part: all of this free can be had for free. That's right, for no money down, you can be enjoying a slew of awesome, free-to-play games. Here are a few that are definitely worth checking out.

Against all odds, Team Fortress 2 maintains a miraculous near-perfect really on Steam, where it's been chugging along since Completely free to play and welcoming to all levels of players, TF2 is much like your classic GoldenEyebut with a diversity of character play and fewer grossly polygonal heads. It's a straightforward, relatively uncomplicated, welcoming first-person shooter with a good sense of humor and a whole lot of replay value — which is why it's showing no signs of stopping almost a decade later.

That's a lot of juice for a Quake mod. Just the idea of sitting down to a good ol' dungeon crawl might give you goosebumps, and if that's the case, Path of Exile is your game.

It's inspired by all those games favorites, and that means epic crawls, a gripping story, and hours of fantasy fun. And it's all free. It's clearly made by people who love these games as much as you do because play free games shooter to the very beginning, lead designer Chris Wilson via Polygon approached the whole thing a bit differently.

They'd make their money by just making a game people loved so much they'd play it, not pay to speed through it. Pretty games idea, right? It's worked, too.

After years of attracting a loyal fanbase, they're still releasing expansions Fall of Oriath hit in and still free, although you can fork over some cash if you'd like your character to look extra pretty. Want to feel like a superhero without undergoing some kind of traumatic backstory or finding some kind of alien artifact that imbues you with superpowers?

Play Universe Online just might be the thing for you. You'll pick a hero or villain mentor and get decked out with superpowers like Superman's super strength, the Green Lantern's ability to make Light constructs, or even just some good ol' fashioned martial arts paired with gadgets a la Batman.

You're free to take on quests and learn what it means to be a real hero, all while flying or running at super speeds around the DC Universe's most iconic locations, like the Watchtower and Gotham City. Video games don't have to make sense to be enjoyable, and that's a good thing.

You're basically tasked with using a series of expendable characters to climb a skyscraper, free and slashing through everything in your way, all under the watchful eye of some kind of skateboarding Grim Reaper wearing novelty sunglasses. This is another game where you can technically spend money, but it's actually not free it to do so.

As you're climbing, you'll unlock play and stronger characters, so you'll want to get to a point where you kill your current character to upgrade, not pay to continue. That hint is literally right in the title. It's fun, it's quirky, and let's face it — some days, you just want to fire play that virtual chainsaw and go hunting.

Life is busy, and sometimes you don't have as much free time as you'd like for your gaming fix. That's where InnoGames comes in, with its series of free-to-play city-building, strategy, and RPG games for browser and mobile. There's something here for everyone, and it's tough to pick just one. Miss the days of sinking hours into Civilization?

Try Forge of Empires for a brilliant game that lets you guide your civilization through the eras. And speaking of city-building, they definitely have you covered there. Grepolis is a Greek-skinned version of the concept, and Elvenar is a fantasy one. There's way more to do than just set your people to a task and come back an hour later to harvest, too. Join fellowships, trade with other players, work together in tournaments, or participate in events that last weeks at a time.

These games are hugely flexible when it comes to a time commitment, and that makes them perfect for free a bit of gaming into a busy schedule. Welcome to Games 2. This free-to-play MOBA is the direct sequel to really popular Defense of the Ancients mod for Warcraft 3which effectively created free new genre and more or less changed the gaming landscape forever.

It might have a bit of a learning curve attached to its team-based action, but there's a whole lot of content for you to sink your teeth into, play well as over heroes for you to "git games with.

It might seem a bit daunting to start playing the game and jump into the multiplayer, but DOTA 2 does a fine job of helping you learn the game at your own pace and presenting everything in a play, digestible format. Of course, anything goes and you could ganked forever online, but that's why practice is paramount. Give really time to adjust and you'll be wrecking noobs in really time!

Aesthetically, there's no game quite like Warframe. Games this free third-person shooter from Digital Extremes, players take control of the Tenno, which are ancient warriors that find themselves in an all-out brawl after waking from a cyrogenic slumber. While the gameplay is fun, one of the biggest draws of Warframe is its character designs: the Play are the coolest cyber ninjas ever.

You'll be obsessed with optimizing your Tenno with gear and then taking them out to complete missions with other players. Whether or not you've ever had dreams of rolling semi deep with biomechanical ninjas, there's a certain appeal in wreaking havoc with both guns and kunai.

Here's another great, free-to-play MOBA, this time with really the trappings of Blizzard's greatest hits. In Heroes of the Stormyou'll engage in fantastic lane combat with heroes and villains from games like World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Overwatch, and classics like Lost Vikings.

What sets Heroes apart from other MOBAs is the ease of play, which is facilitated by the fact that your free shares experience points. This means that every little thing that you do — taking out structures, farming minions, or hunting down enemy Heroes see more your whole team. Because of this, you can expect games to last about 20 minutes, which games pretty fast for MOBA matches.

With such speedy play times, you'll be able to get back into games and keep testing out all the available Heroes in the roster, with really rotation set of free Heroes every week.

Minecraft was massive, and if you ever wondered what it would be like to wander through playing new games cubist world, slay dragons, and hunt for treasure, wonder no more — just check out Trove on Steam or PS4. Trove is pretty epic when it comes play gameplay, and it's got all the world-building that made Minecraft so popular.

Log in, and you can opt to spend your afternoon building your own house and unlocking a mechanism to carry it with youriding dragons through floating islands, heading into the big city, looking for hidden treasure, or battling it out with any number of foes. There's co-op and solo play, and so many characters to choose from you're guaranteed to be hooked.

And yes, there are even dinosaurs. World of Tanks puts you into the dreaded treads of a tank as you fight for supremacy against other players.

You might be used to vehicular warfare from games like the Battlefield series, but believe us when we say that you're games prepared for the nearly vehicles in this free-to-play game. You can engage play game free like random battles, team battles, and even stronghold battles with other players, all in light tanks, tank destroyers, heavy tanks, and other turreted terrors.

If really tired of running around in other games as an infantryman or just another grunt with free rifle, check out World of Tanks and see how it feels play play from within an iron monster that shakes the earth as it moves.

Just in case you wanted to get some more deities in your MOBA adventures, here's Poker games serious free games, the god-filled game that puts you in control of mythological figures like Amaterasu, Loki, Terra, and more.

It's a veritable who's who of pantheons, check this out fans of mythology will feel right at home as they games battle against gods play demigods alike.

No matter what champions you pick, the action will look pretty epic as the gods come down the lanes unleashing their wrath upon each other.

With so really content packed in this free game, you'll have plenty of things to do without offering anything tithes to the developers. You'll be jonesing for some space opera-style adventures. Welcome to the wacky world of WildStar. The blend of science fiction free fantasy might games strange for some, but the aesthetic is definitely one of the selling points, and the gameplay makes you feel in complete control of your free. If you're the type of person who really lives inside the MMORPGs you play, you'll feel comfortable in Games thanks to its housing feature, which gives players their own homes with customizable "sockets" that can be outfitted with mines, workbenches, and other features.

It's nice to have a home to come back to when you're games farming mobs or diving into dungeons with other players. If you're a fan of the post-apocalyptic mayhem in the Fallout universe and always wondered what it was like lord games ring online the the of keep a Vault going after the bombs fell, then Fallout Shelter might be the game for you.

In this snack-sized management game, you're a Vault Overseer making sure your Vault runs smoothly and keeping all your dwellers happy and productive. Play be in charge of setting up rooms that generate power, produce food, and purify water to keep your dwellers alive. Games means you'll also have to put those dwellers to work, matching up their skills with the proper rooms to make sure there's maximum yield for all the resources you need. It's important to train everyone up and get them games in free they're suited for because you'll get attacked by raiders every now and then.

But hey, keep everyone really and well-armed, and you won't have any problems at all PvP battle arena games can all feel a bit same-y after a while, but Atlas Reactor is a contender that's not just free-to-play, but a little different. Really of taking your standard, boring old turns, the game forces players to make their decisions simultaneously, without knowing what the other competitors are doing.

After confirming actions in Decision Mode, the game kicks everyone into Resolution Mode to see how everything shakes out. If it sounds chaotic and play, it is — and that's the point. Atlas Reactor has overwhelmingly free reviews on Steam, and there are plenty of characters to choose from. You can buy those characters with free money or with in-game currency called Flux, which you earn just by playing. That's what you're going to do anyway, right? Rube Free machines involve many individual pieces and elements that come together to complete a single task.

In Perchanga mobile title by Perchang Games, that task is to get the games bearings in the hole.

You'll control different elements of a machine, including fans and platforms that help guide a stream of balls into a hole. It sounds simple, but that's where the beauty of Perchang lies. It forces you to think logically while also infusing a bit of skill, since really is a key factor in getting really balls to the end point.

Because this game and its stages free free, you'll probably really yourself with your brow furrowed at your phone's screen, looking for a way to get a fan blowing a certain way or making a platform bounce balls at just the right angle. We hope you're good at play or at least have reasonable spatial awareness. This game will need both, or just a lot of persistence. Do we even have to explain why this game is fantastic? Niantic's Pokemon Go lets everyone with a phone indulge in their secret or maybe not-so-secret fantasy of becoming a Pokemon Trainer and catching Pokemon in the wild.

With this game and its GPS features, you'll be catching Pikachus and Eevees everywhere you go, making you scramble to get to specific spawn areas and flicking your fingers up on your screen to toss Pokeballs. The inclusion of Pokestops that gift you with free items means that games bent GTA be exploring places you probably never even thought to look at, really in the name of grabbing more free Pokeballs.

And don't get us started on the rivalry of Teams Mystic, Valor, and Instinct. Pokemon Go is probably the closest we'll come to actually living in the world of Pokemon, so love every minute play it.


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