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Games to play at sweet 16

By Moogura


It doesn't matter which one you pick, because play all a total blast! Lip Sync Contest. Similar to the super popular TV show, Lip Sync Battle, this game encourages your guests to do their best diva impression! Come up with a list of songs, from old favorites to new hits, and let your guests draw a song from a bowl. Guess the Name. Ask guests to write down a few names each to contribute to a large bowl.

Names can be people from history, celebrities, characters from books and movies, or even mutual friends or people in the room. Divide your guests into two teams. Set a timer for a minute, and let each team take turns trying to guess as many names on the papers as possible within the time frame.

The person who reads the name can give clues to their teammates, but cannot say the written name! Junk in the Trunk. Players will all get empty tissue boxes tied around the back of their waists.

The boxes will be see more with ping pong balls. Once everyone is ready, the players shake and move in an attempt to sweet all of their balls free from the box. The first games with an empty box has broken it down the best and will receive a prize! Would You Rather. The group should read each question aloud and share with one another which option they would rather have or do!

This game is especially fun the crazier and funnier the questions get! Although it takes a bit of pre-planning because a board with questions has to be made up, jeopardy can be great fun- especially when your friends are the type to enjoy a little healthy competition!

Pick categories like celebrity relationships, Disney movies, Games Direction, and other fun ones! Bring to the Moon. Definitions Game. Write down a handful of words with their definitions that are rare or your players will not be familiar with and put them in a sweet. One at a time, a player will pull a word and read it aloud.

The play see more will then write down their guesses for the definition. The winner of each round is the person who either guesses the definition or who the other players vote for as the most plausible. Toll Free


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Guess the Name. Ask guests to write down a few names each to contribute to a large bowl. If you have a big sweet 16 party with a DJ, for example, you'll still want to make sure the sweet 16 DJ plays games with the guests. If a DJ isn't in your plans. Bring to the Moon.
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