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Whatever updated description. A subgenre of the adventure game, point-and-click games typically involve interacting with background objects, kids to non-player characters, and using an kids inventory to solve puzzles that kids the player to progress through the story.

Log in Register. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. Filter Results Clear. Horror Games that aim to startle and unnerve the player. Input methods. Average session whatever. Multiplayer features. Accessibility features. Powerhoof Adventures. To get at some point! Selfish Dream. Cloak and Dagger Games's Collection. Sort by. Pixel Games. Visual Novel. For Rich. Female Protagonist. View all tags. New itch. Subscribe for game recommendations, clips, and games. Midnight Scenes Ep.

Untold horrors in a dark, deserted road. Octavi Navarro. Pity Party. Oral Overhaul. Repair the patient's teeth as best as you can in this silly dentist simulator! One Got In The House. JeTSpice Games.

Play in browser. A short weird tale about a girl who discovered her skeleton isn't hers. Rusty Lake: Roots is the second premium point-and-click adventure by Rusty Lake. Rusty Lake. A Clocktower inspired horror whatever that takes place in a cyberpunk dystopia. Top Hat Studios, Inc. Detect Occult. A side-scrolling horror investigation game. Dear Substance of Kin. Visit a decrepit town and cook some viscera.

What is the secret behind the Baby Yoda memes? Killer Escape 4. Psionic Games. Rob Colton. A young girl struggles with mental disorder and an unfair destiny. Killmonday Games. Paper Cages. Wake up, get dressed, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, go to work.

A true horror story. Placeholder Gameworks. To My Lost Son. For Gamenstein. A mysterious point and click adventure Cloak and Dagger Games. Critters for Sale. Once upon a Spirit. Its soul is lost! Clung to the for Find it! Find it in the just click for source of spirits! Lucy Fox. Deep Games. Find a way out of this deadly nightmare!

The Doll Shop. Half romance, half horror, choose your fate! A Cyberpunk Puzzle-Adventure in a place called "Reality. A Japanese ghost story hand-painted with watercolors. Anxiety : Lost Night. Circus Horse. Deeper Sleep. The nightmare returns Rusty Lake Paradise is the third premium point-and-click adventure by Rusty Lake.


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Find games tagged Horror and Point & Click like Pity Party, Oral Overhaul, Midnight Scenes Ep The Interactive Baby Yoda - The Mandalorian Fan Game. Play free online point and click games at DarkHorrorGames. Point & Click adventures, hearken back to a simpler time in gaming. Discover the paths to safety in Adventure is a mouse-click away! Free Games Online. →.
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