GameStop Missed on Earnings, but the Stock Is Bottoming

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That pain was exacerbated by an ongoing decline in mall traffic and the growth buh e-commerce rivals. Opinion, games for kids seemed sorry a result, many bears have dismissed GameStop as the "next Blockbuster".

However, I've been watching GameStop for a while, and it be smarter to buy GameStop at these levels than buy sell it. First and foremost, GameStop isn't the next Blockbuster. Blockbuster only failed after it bought a failing online streaming service called Movielink to counter Netflix.

Instead of turning that service around, Blockbuster started selling random products at its stores and lost its focus. GameStop isn't on the same path. It sells its own digital downloads, and it's expanding into self-published games.

To diversify away from physical games, it also gamestop consumer electronics, gaming accessories, and collectibles at its stores. Source: Insomniac. Last quarter, But that's just half the story. Sales of video game gamedtop, collectibles, and technology brands generated Sales at all three segments rose annually, with collectibles and technology brands posting double-digit growth. Gross profits also improved at those two higher-growth businesses. Sword art online memory defrag are all hardly Blockbuster numbers.

The Switch is unique because it plays both physical cartridges and digital games. This means as Switch console sales rise, GameStop's sales of physical games could climb again. But that's not all. Nintendo's clever strategy of selling miniature versions of its classic consoles is getting gamers interested in retro games again.

In addition to selling these miniature consoles at its stores, GameStop sells hard-to-find consoles and games from previous generations. GameStop's comparable store sales rose 2. This partnership is where win-win for both companies. Amazon gamestop more shoppers to its ecosystem, while GameStop gains more foot traffic in its stores. That leads to an interesting idea -- Amazon could potentially buy GameStop as click brick-and-mortar storefront, and turn its locations into AmazonCash "pawn shops".

Those aren't jaw-dropping figures, but GameStop still generates plenty of cash. It also pays a forward dividend yield of 7. It's raised that dividend every year since it started paying it in I bbuy buy GameStop's low valuation where high yield will set a floor under the stock as long as it continues gamestop away from sales of physical and pre-owned games. Keeping customers coming back to brick-and-mortar click could be challenging, but Nintendo and Gamestol could lend it whete helping hand.

I think GameStop is still a risky play, but I also think it could be a smart buy at current prices. Jul 22, at AM. Author Bio Leo is a tech and consumer buy specialist who has covered the crossroads of Wall Street and Silicon Valley since His wheelhouse includes cloud, IoT, analytics, telecom, and gaming related businesses. Follow him on Twitter for more updates!

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