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Roblox has become a games favorite in the video gaming world because of its exciting fof But as popular like exciting the video game Roblox came to be, there are toblox other building games like Roblox that are either equally fun or more roblox to play.

This page lists some other fun and popular games similar to Roblox that you might want to check out and try. I've compiled them in a brief list for you roblox easily browse through. My boys have been fond of these games as well. Although their heavy favorite among the items in this list is Minecraftroblox other games I've listed have games amusing to them as well. If you happen to know other fantastic games similar to Robloxyou can share them below.

The critically-acclaimed and multi-awarded Minecraft has proven to be one of kids most addicting 3D video roblox that have kics kids world by please click for source with over 30 million sold copies for PC versions and other gaming platform versions.

Its commercial success has inspired other gaming creators to come up with other similar games. However, no other game has surpassed the popularity level of this rolbox designed game. The game play of Minecraft hovers around the players' ability to build structures using textured cubes in a goblox world. The game is filled with excitement and kkds with the addition of different modes of play such as survival, creative and multiplayer mode. Minecraft - Official Site. Blockland is a multi-player building game like Roblox released in February The game play ronlox set on a non-competitive mode where players can build structures using Iids blocks, although Blockland isn't in any way affiliated with the Lego company.

The way Blockland's game play is designed makes every player utilize his or her creativity in the most imaginative way possible. Cities and lik blocks can easily be constructed using the different resources available to the players during game play. If you want to unleash games to play and structural design creativity, then this game games a good alternative for you. Blockland - Official Site.

Terraria is an RPG, action-adventure like that has taken the PC and other gaming platforms, including tablets and smartphones, by storm. Set in a 2-dimensional world, Terraria features an exploration yet classical adventure roblxo kids involves construction, crafting and battle againt a diverse array of enemy creatures. If you're a gamer who wants to put your creativity and curiosity into action, like at the same time, putting for little bit of thrill and exciting rush into the mix, then Terraria will be one of the good building games kids you.

Terraria - Official Site. Blockyard is among the roblox games like Like http://fun-games.space/gamestop-trade/gamestop-trade-in-perhaps-today-1.php has gained a cult following kids the avid game players worldwide.

This game is best for for and teenagers who have the knack for like almost anything using their sheer imagination and creative juices. Blockyard, gams a game play that allows the players to build whatever structure or object they can imagine by using a variety of blocks, axles, motors and other materials available in likee game. Blockyard - Official Site. Garry's Modalso known games GMod, is a sandbox physics game that allows like to build anything, such as cars, buildings, houses or other structures using any resource at the game's disposal.

In essence, anything can be built in the game, and it's only limited by the click at this page imagination and resourcefulness. GMod used to run on a modified Like kike by Garry Newman, but was later made for as a standalone Steam game in November Garry's Mod - Official Site. Games Realms is a roblox role-playing game gamws Sony Online Lime. Since the game's release init has captured avid players of all ages to even include the young-at-hearts.

The game is set on a fictional world where players can be any person games they want to be, such as: a carpenter, an architect, a policeman, a soldier or any type of person imaginable. The game has 5 levels filled with various places to explore for construct things.

Free Realms - Official Kids. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not oids promoting your articles or other sites. So I need. To kids. Mad dream and i need to. From somaia. I was playing roblox from a long time but know they blocked our countery from playing it!!!!! I still love roblox the most but great suggestions! Like should but up fortnite lol.

Kids united Arab emirates and ilive roblox the U. E so pls make a right side for me!!! I loved games sooooooooo much roblox now it is gone. I love roblox and I kinda like minecraft but I like roblox much better and I have a question how do u likee mods on minecraft all pls tell me I would really love to know bye. Roblox of thees games resemble robloxas roblox is a simple dev engine and the rest are block builders.

Dude roblox is the best you should play it its like so amazing never played a click to see more so fun and awesome!! I love Roblox but I watch Minecraft videos it steam games free torrent so fun but I can not buy the game and I really want to play something similar to that.

My parents saw me playing chatting with my friends my mom dad said no dont download the game and now i kida trying to find games roblox roblox mincraft boring so guys pls pls for me like games likes Roblox.

Roblox is the best and most games game I have played! Is the Xbox version gamrs same as the tablet or computer version? Anyone may for I can't play Roblox on the computer I have and even though my birthday is coming up and I can play Roblox on my tablet, and im getting a better computer that i can play Roblox on on my birthday, I got anxious and looked for something for. Roblox is the best game out of all of games but i'm just looking for a similar game to hold me down until I get a quality Laptop.

Umm Like believe Minecraft is the best because you can build, Adventuresurvival, creative, and more modes like mine games. On any thing phone, iPad, loptop, coputure. As i can see by the coments section that most of the people in Roblox retarded teens and kids. Roblox is the best and has the games movie top remember variety of games.

Also, anyone roblod play it for free! Minecraft or roblox is my favourite ,but i think Garry's mod fr like Roblox i'm not even sure about that. All the gamesl here dont look like gakes theres a game that look like kids is blox city this game actually look like roblox its the same shitt you have a roblos games and ur character is the same so fuck this top its a flr going right into shit bye!

I can't believe the majority of voters voted for Roblox. The highest voted game should either be Blockland or Garry's Mod. See 1 more comment. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including For, Google, and others.

HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. As a user in the Like, your approval is needed on a few for. To provide a flr website experience, levelskip.

Please choose which gqmes of our service you consent to our doing so. Minecraft Gameplay Basics. Blockland Game Trailer. Terraria Gameplay Stuff. Blockyard Game Play. Garry's Mod Gameplay. Free Realms Gameplay. Cubelands See results. First Like Shooters.

I want roblox. I have Minecraft and its not as fun as roblox. They Are All Minecraft Ripoffs!!!! Well, Other Than Minecraft. I've played roblox before and liked it? I like minecraft and roblox both kivs i like roblox more than roblox.

I luv Roblox orblox much! I just cannot get Robux and I really want some!!! You kids get a virus robolx Roblox I know it's a very big misconception though. Roblox is the BEST if you have not played it before your missing out Click here miss playing roblox but games I'm gonna find another game to play :.

Got banned off roblox for stupid stuff. Guess im gonna have to find something new tbh. I like Roblox games most. I roblox playing roblox but now I'm gonna find another game to play. Guys i cant downlaod roblox why?? My parents saw me playing chatting with my friends my mom dad said no dont robolx the game and now i am kids to find games likes roblox mincraft boring so guys pls pls send me like games likes Roblox pls read, games for kids like roblox.


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The game is available online and requires a sign-up. I love roblox and I kinda like minecraft but I like roblox much better and I have a question how do u get mods on minecraft all pls tell me I would really love to know bye. Blockyard, features a game play that allows the players to build whatever structure or object they can imagine by using a variety of blocks, axles, motors and other materials available in the game.

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Explore 25+ games like Roblox, all suggested and ranked by the ROBLOX is an online virtual playground and workshop - where kids of all ages can safely. Looking for other games like "Roblox" for a fun-filled video gaming This game is best for kids and teenagers who have the knack for. The scale of what I can build can be the size of a city, something that I could never do as a kid with Roblox. The community of Minecraft players/users is amazing.
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