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Choose a difficulty level:. Cards are dealt randomly for all difficulty levels. Computer Difficulty Levels Explained. For all three difficulty levels the cards are dealt completely at random to both you and to the computer players.

Computer players games not given any free advantage and they do not know what cards are in your hand or download any other players' hands. The difference between the easy, standard, vownload pro players is the strategy used to choose their plays.

If you are finding that the computer is beating you, you will likely benefit from understanding how ftee computer chooses its next move. Easy Computer Strategy. Chooses the three highest valued cards where value is determined by the card number Ace, King, Queen, etc When playing first, chooses the lowest card in hand.

When playing 2nd or 3rd, plays the highest card that will not take the trick, otherwise, plays the lowest card of suit. When playing last, if free are points in the trick, plays the highest card that will not take the trick or if it must take the trick, plays the highest card of suit games the Queen of Spades. If playing last and there are no points in hearts trick, plays the highest card in hand. The pro computer evaluates each valid play by simulating random card distributions of the unseen cards taking into account click players best known to be void in particular suits.

When simulating a game, each player plays the rest of the round using the Standard Playing algorithm see above. At the end of each simulated round, top final score is recorded and the average round score is determined for each valid play.

The play that results in the lowest average simulated round score is used. Reset Game.


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Hearts Deluxe for Windows 10 is completely free to download and play. It will not cost the player a thing to install the game and get started playing. Download Hearts () for Windows PC from SoftFamous. A game with cards is a great way to spend some of your free time, especially.

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Download Hearts () for Windows PC from SoftFamous. A game with cards is a great way to spend some of your free time, especially. Play the classic card game Hearts online for free. No download required. Can you beat the computer? Hearts is a great family card game for kids to adults. It's a trick taking game involving 4 players, where the object of the game is have the lowest.
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