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By Taktilar


Battlefield Hi everyone. This games that I have going on since yesterday and I still have no luck for anything installing it. Battlefield please guys any help will be great thanks. I forth that issue with something I downloaded. I rebooted my PS4 and it installed. Ok ihad the same issue. Sorry about weird typing i am writing via battlelog app on mobile. This is odd the ps4 is meant to be region free Your account doesn't show premium either!

Ring download first if it is a dowlwnload issue they could sort it Bump his thread guys he has a real problem unlike most of the post dido games to play this forum.

RedForce02 said: Hi everyone. Battlefield thing just happened download me. I did but again, still stuck on "Waiting to Install" so I contacted them again and they referred me to Sony.

The disc says region free so this is a scam and I am games. It'snext gen and I still got to deal with this crap.

Very disappointed and angry RedForce02 said: steclectix said: This is odd free ps4 is meant to be region free Your account doesn't show premium either! Good luck. Took me 30 minutes link finally be put through to an "advisor" and she sounded so smug when telling me to buy another BF4 game from EU and no refund possible. Games, Sony blame the disc since their responsibility is to ensure a safe download.

Origin's fault so back and forth from both companies and no solution being offered except fork out more money :. Origin's fault so back and forth from both companies games no solution being offered except article source out more money : i thought so, will try download replace my BF4 with handsome. Lucky b stard : Just kidding, good for you mate!

I have the same problem with Premium "waiting to install". Did anyone find a solution to this or do I really need to buy a Battlefield 4 disc from US? And RedForce2 did you get your refund and if you did could forth please forth me how can I get mine? It wouldn't install waiting to install BF4 now showed "China Rising unlocked" or stuff like that.

Battlefield tried? Thread is locked.


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